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My view of death as interconnected with life has evolved from my mother's dying process in 2012. Six years on, Woven Farewell began. Making coffins perfectly combines my passion for willow, authentic ecological practices and supporting the growing movement of healthy grieving practices.


Willow coffins are one of the most environmentally sound types, as the materials only take a year to grow and are fully compostable. Each willow coppice stand can last for up to 60 years.

The coffins are double lined with biodegradable plastic and unbleached cotton, and organic hemp rope is used for the handles. I source my willow from a family firm in Somerset and the sturdy base slats are made from local ash or larch. Because there are no resins or plastics involved in production, the coffins do no release harmful gasses into the atmosphere during cremation.

I am one of the only coffin producers in the country to donate part of my profits to charity. 5% of the proceeds from your willow coffin or ashes casket will go to The Woodland Trust, the UK's leading woodland conservation charity. This gift towards a life-sustaining organisation is symbolic of the life-death-life cycle, an essential pillar of my philosophy in crafting coffins.



Woven with willow stripped of its bark, the buff willow coffin is lighter in colour and slightly lighter in weight.

Woven with full barked willow, the brown willow coffin is darker and can also be woven in a uniform colour.

baby coffin (2).jpg

Woven with stripped willow, the baby coffin can be personalised with coloured  or plain bows and lining.


"Your coffin felt like a place of warmth, gentle holding, a resting place.
The care that you put in emanated from it."



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