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Buff willow coffin
Brown Coffin.jpg




Willow products are renowned for lasting many decades or even centuries. An option increasing in popularity for coffins is to pre-order and store a coffin as a trunk or bookshelf. My non-traditional petal shape with one flat and one curved end allows the subtle placement as furniture in everyday household spaces.




Buff willow coffin - plain background large.jpg
Buff willow coffin

Woven with willow stripped of its bark, the buff willow coffin is lighter in colour, with a classic willow coffin aesthetic.

Brown willow coffin - plain background.jpg
Brown willow coffin

Woven with full barked willow, the brown willow coffin is darker and a slightly more organic aesthetic.

Brown coffin whole_edited_edited.jpg
Buff and white willow coffin

Using stripped buff willow, this design encorporates white willow to add flair to the design.

Brown and white
willow coffin

Using unstripped, brown willow, this design encorporates white willow to add flair to the design.

All our coffin designs can be easily customised, including built with two round ends. For a customised colour, shape, or lining of your choice, please drop us a line.

Our coffins are appropriate for burial, cremation, woodland and green burial sites and can be delivered within 48 hours of payment. We are cremation certified by the Coffin, Cremation and Shroud association - certificaiton number 012/WFBC. If we do not have the size you need in stock of brown willow coffins, please allow up to 12 days before dispatching, as this is the period of time it takes to soak the brown willow (and then weave the coffin) due to having the bark on. The coffins are tested to carry up to a weight of 20 stone, bespoke weights can be accommodated.

We also offer willow shroud carriers to use with shrouds, please get in touch for more information on how they comply with cremation regulations.

Shroud carrier.jpg
simple_vintagetablecloth_shroud - Copy.jpg
Willow shroud tray.jpg
Shroud cradle
Shroud cradle
Shroud stretcher
Shroud tray

Direct Cremation

Our coffins and shroud carriers are ideal for direct cremation funerals, as the complimentary participation in weaving service that we offer can add meaningful experiences in a low cost funeral. The cost of a funeral doesn't have to determine quality of experience.


​Please get in touch for a specific quote as prices vary with size. All coffins include a triple lining of biodegradable plastic and calico cotton, with recycled cardboard underneath the plastic to prevent willow ends from perferating the plastic.

Adult coffin: £650 - £800

Baby/child coffin: £150-£400

Willow shroud carriers: £150-£300
Cremation board (for cremations only): £25

Nameplate: £45

Rental standard coffin/ rental coffin cover: £200, plus £20-£200 delivery (collection possible)

Delivery (excluding rental coffin): £10 - £50 - collection also possible. Free delivery within 10 miles of our East Devon or Lincolnshire workshops.

Trade prices are available on request to those working in the funeral sector.

Rental coffins

Pristine rentable willow coffins and coffin covers for cremations and burials, endorsed by the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities.

Why rent a coffin?

As funeral costs rise, some families may look for ways to lower the price tag. One of the most expensive costs associated with traditional funerals is the cost of the coffin or casket. By renting a hand crafted willow coffin, families can use a higher quality product without worrying about the price tag. Rental options also reduce the environmental impact of funerals, since these coffins can be used multiple times for different services. In a world that’s focused on using less, rental coffins are a a great alternative to single use products.

How does the coffin cover work?

Each rental coffin comes with a removable cardboard insert, lined with calico cotton and a biodegradable plastic. The person is placed in the cremation certified cardboard insert and never touches the coffin, the insert is easily removed at the committal, as the foot end panel of the rental coffin is removable, enabling the cardboard insert to slide cleanly out. The person can then be cremated or buried in the cardboard insert, and the rental coffin is returned to Woven Farewell Coffins or your chosen funeral director, depending on who you rented it from.

To rent a willow coffin, simply notify your funeral director that you'd like to use a Woven Farewell rental coffin and we will liaise with the funeral director from there to deliver the coffin cover to their premises.

Hygiene and aesthetic considerations

As the person lies in the carboard insert and does not touch the willow coffin, the utmost hygiene standards are maintained. They maintain a high aesthetic standard through being decomissioned or if possible, seamlessly repaired, when wear occurs.

The Woven Farewell rental coffin is available to purchase to be rented out by funeral service facilities. Please get in touch for more information.

Download our 'how to' rental willow coffin cover here!


Involvement in preparing for a funeral can  aid the bereavement process. It's possible to participate in helping make your loved one's coffin at our workshop in Dorset, please contact us for more details. We're also happy to send over images or timelase videos of the making process if you'd like to have an insight but can't come to our workshop.

More time needs to be allowed to find a suitable date for participating in person - so the earlier ahead of the funeral you get in touch for this, the better. You're also welcome to personalise the coffins by adding items with special meaning into them.

Polly and Theo.jpg

Are you thinking of weaving a whole coffiin? We run willow coffin workshops, please click here for more information. Or if you'd like a 1-2-1 workshop in Devon or the East Midlands, please email for details.


Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 14.47.17.png

Willow products are renowned for lasting many decades. An option increasing in popularity for coffins is to pre-order and store a coffin as a trunk or bookcase.

"Sophia helped me weave the lid of my beautiful willow coffin this week. I am delighted with it and would recommend it to anyone else who would like to participate in their final 'bed' "

Download our coffin brochure here!


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any queries you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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