Frequently asked questions

How do I order a coffin?

To order a coffin, please contact me on 07904454227 or I am happy to discuss your requirements or any questions regarding an order. Please see more details about the coffins on the Willow Coffin page

Can a member of the public purchase directly from you?

Yes, I am happy to deliver either directly to you or to your chosen funeral director if you are using one. If you have any difficulty obtaining one of my coffins from your funeral director, please contact me on 07904454227. Contrary to what some funeral directors say, there is no need to buy a coffin from them. If you will be arranging your own coffin, it is good to let them know at an early stage.

Can your coffins be cremated?

Yes, with a flat cremation base for an additional £15, the fast growth of willow makes it particularly suitable to the short lifespan of a cremated coffin. My coffins are cremation certified by the Coffin Casket and Shroud Association.

Can I buy baby or infant coffins?

There are no words to describe the hardship one faces when loosing a baby or infant. We help honour a life cut tragically short through providing care laden and tailored natural coffins. Woven with stripped buff willow, our baby coffins can be personalised with coloured or plain bows and lining.

Can I partake in a coffin being woven?

Getting involved in weaving some of the coffin can be a valuable experience of participation in your loved one's funeral. More time needs to be allowed to find a suitable date so the earlier ahead of the funeral you get in touch for this, the better. You're welcome to personalise the coffins by adding items with special meaning into them.

Do you export outside the UK?

I export to countries outside the UK that don't have their own willow coffin weavers, as supporting local makers is a big part of my ethos. Some countries don't accept willow coffins from small makers due to the closed nature of the funeral industry, such as France.

Are the coffins lined?

The coffins are lined with a natural calico cotton lining, beneath which is a layer of biodegradable plastic to prevent leakage of fluid. A layer of recycled cardboard sits beaneath that to prevent willow ends from making holes in the biodegradable plastic liner.

Do I need a nameplate?

Nameplates are usually needed, especially for cremations. Some funeral directors will be fine without a nameplate used, such as with home burials. Using local timber, I can provide a hand engraved nameplate from £40, or hand painted nameplate from £25. It's completely possible for you to provide your own nameplate, all you need is the legal name of your loved one and time and to attach the nameplate to the coffin before the funeral. It can be a beautiful way of being involved in your loved one's death process.

Do you donate part of your profits to charity?

I am one of the only coffin makers in the UK to donate to charity. I dontate 5% of my proceeds to the Woodland Trust, one of the top UK charities that is protecting woodland biodiversity. Supporting a life affirming charity is part of my ethos surrounding the intrinsic integration of life and death. This donation is equivalent to three or four annual memberships, depending on sales.

Are willow coffins suitable for burial in a natural burial ground?

Willow coffins are ideal for natural burials, as the are made without using metal and plastic.