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Hello from a willow coffin weaver


For the new folks who haven't come across us before - welcome!

Sophia here, I started Woven Farewell Coffins coming on 5 1/2 years ago.

My light bulb moment of deciding on wicker willow coffins had a few steps leading to it...

✨️When our mum died in 2012, we were lucky enough to have lots of support from the funeral directors Arka Funerals, our community of friends, and Living Well Dying Well founder Hermione Elliott and her team. I knew after that, that I wanted to support others through the funeral sector.

✨️I started weaving as a mental health support at the time of our mum's dying, thanks to award winning basketmaker Anne-Marie O'Sullovan for starting me off!

✨️I was farming and woodland managing when my daughter was born and my sister was killed a few weeks apart from each other, 6 years ago. The maternity time/ shocked grief processing reconfigured my direction.

I had a new clarity on how the elements in my life tesselated together, and headed straight to Sussex Willow Coffins to learn from the fabulous Jake Whitcroft to make British willow coffins, which I love. As of last year, Abi Griffin has joined our team!

Today, depicted in this picture, I'm making a willow urn, here I've got the beginnings of a brown willow urn base for a customer. I'll be recording the process for them through pictures - as per the customer's request.

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