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Can you have a willow coffin for a Covid-19 funeral?

Can a deceased person have a woven willow coffin if they died from Covid-19? Will the virus come through the gaps between the willow?

While most families are being permitted their choice of a willow coffin from funeral directors, there is a small selection of funeral directors in the UK who are preventing this. I've experienced families saying the FDs they're using are unesay with a willow coffin from me, and other willow coffin makers have had similar experiences.

I wonder if those funeral directors know - willow coffins are fully lined and not 'gappy' and nowhere in government or governing funeral organisations is there caution against using willow coffins for Covid-19 deaths The right PPE gives full protection against the virus, putting a face mask or a couple of layers of natural fabric like cotton towelling will prevent aerosols from leaving the body when transported or washed... Willow coffins are fully safe for Covid funerals.

Of course, we must be all very safety cautious around this virus, but it's faascinating looking at the psychology of how extra rules are being created within sufficient safety guidelines! Dispelling myths around Covid-19 are so important.

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