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Behind the scenes ! Coffin lining.

When choosing a willow coffin, it can be interesting to know a bit more about the maker and the process of making! So I'd like to show you around a little behind the scenes.

This process involves a few stages: it's really important for willow coffins to have a fitted sheet of cardboard down first, if the waterproof lining is (biodegradable) plastic like those at Woven Farewell Coffins - to stop any perforation of cut willow ends inside the coffin making holes in the plastic. I use recycled cardboard when possible. The biodegradable plastic lining is provided by a British funeral service company, and the top lining is quality calico cream cotton. Pleated around the head end and neatly folded at the foot end, the cotton is carefully and descretely stitched into the willow weave.

Lining of a coffin is the last stage of preparing before we send them off, and the point at which I tend to think about the life and loved ones of the deceased for whom our coffin will be the last resting place. The last resting place that is a true honour to provide.


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