• People are allowed to attend a funeral or a belief based/ceremonial event that is linked to a funeral (such as a scattering of ashes)


  • Up to 30 people are allowed to attend a funeral; this does not include funeral staff


  • Up to 6 people are allowed to attend a belief based/ceremonial event (such as a wake or scattering of ashes); this does not include anyone working. Some venues can remain open to host such events. If the event is in a private dwelling (including private gardens), only members of one household or support bubble can attend. You must not break your self-isolation to attend such an event


  • Actual maximum numbers that can attend will be dependent on what the venue can safely allow (see details for Yorkshire crematoria below)


  • Light refreshments are permitted at events linked to funerals


  • Symptomatic people should not attend funerals


  • People who are self-isolating should not attend funerals unless they are a close family member of the person that has died. Remote attendance should take place where possible. If after considering the risk you choose to attend in person you must